Monday, July 8, 2013

Nook and Kindle

I posted earlier that I have a nook and a kindle and you may be wondering why the heck I have two reading devices, well today I'll inform you as to why. I had my nook first because I love Barnes and noble. Like I seriously could live at that store! Also it made it easier on my mom to just let me order the books off of there than having to go to the store every week to get new books, I can seriously read a book any size within a day. I was very against e-readers at first because who doesn't love just holding onto an actual book and reading it? I eventually caved and got my nook. Well a year later the kindle fire came out and I was just planning on using it for a tablet. Well that didn't happen. I got the kindle fire but when I noticed how cheap some books are I started to get a little cray cray. I mean a book for .99? Come on who can ignore that. So for awhile I just used my
Kindle and my poor nook just sat there unused. Well eventually I decided to make one e-reader for the more expensive books, nook, and one for the cheaper books, kindle. Well now Barnes and noble has a lot of the cheap books too so it gets hard but I try and stick to what I designated them for. I love to use both of them and I still love going into Barnes and Noble to buy actual books. 

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