Friday, March 22, 2013

Story writing and such

So I have been working on a new story of mine and I am 22 pages in! That's the most I have ever written before and it is super exciting! My best friend Ashleigh is currently writing a story too and I have to say it is amazing so far! She gives me stuff as she goes so I'm stuck with a million cliffhangers but I do the same to her so it's all fair. ;) I really hope one day both of our stories are published! I know it'll be a long and difficult process but having your dreams come true usually is and it'll be worth it in the end!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Partials by Dan Wells

I finally decided to read Partials and let me tell you it was awesome! Just the whole idea of some crazy virus killing off most of humanity and not allowing any babies to survive was mind blowing but add in pretty much cyborg type beings that look like any old human and it turns out wayyyy awesome! I will warn you though there is romance but it isn't the main part of this story and it fit well! I was happy with how it was done because to Kira, the main character, that''s how romance is for her. She has a boyfriend who she loves but there are bigger things going on than having to be all mushy gushy. One thing I thought was crazy but I could totally see happening is this law that makes any female 18 years and older have to get pregnant. They seriously get no choice it's a law. In the story there is talk of changing that age to 16, umm say what?? These are desperate times for these humans so I guess it is understandable? Anyways Kira goes and looks for a partial, the cyborg type being, gets one and tries to study it to see how to cure this virus. Oh yeah did I mention they pretty much caused it? Kira gets close to this partial whose name is Samm, and yes it is with two m's. She was born to hate these things and this one just changes everything. Nothing romantice really happens with him, I mean she does have a boyfriend, but I kind of wish something would happen between them. It just seems great but if it doesn't I love Kira's boyfriend anyways.

This story was awesome and even though it was a little slow at the beginning it got way better. It was also slow because you have to get introduced to the characters and what is going on in this world so it isn't too bad. There is a great amount of action and it was awesome! The writing of this story was great! I am so excited to see what happens to these characters in the second book. I really kind of want to know about the relationships too, I can't help it I love a little romance :) You wont be bored when you read this story so go out and grab a copy!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I finally decided to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and let me tell you it was one of the best dystopian type novels I have ever read. The story takes the point of view of Wanderer who is inserted into Melanie Stryder's body. At the beginning you get to see memories from Melanie's life. Even though Wanderer is in control of the body Melanie is right there with her for this journey. What begins as hate for each other turns into friendship. Melanie was part of the resistance and headed to Chicago to find her cousin who she happened to see on TV. When she gets there she gets pursued by some of the aliens who have taken over others and she jumps out of a window and pretty much dies. Her body is healed by their alien medicine and Wanderer is put inside. They kept her body because they wanted to use her memories to find the rest of the humans in the resistance and have their bodies taken over too. When Wanderer is put inside Melanie she isn't supposed to be able to talk to or feel Melanie's presence but she does. This gets tricky for her and he appointed Seeker tries to get her to reveal information about the resistance, specifically info about her brother Jamie and her love Jared, which Melanie blocks from Wanderer. Wanderer decides to go south and get a healer to take her out of this host body and into a new one when Melanie gets her to help find the compound her uncle created and where she assumed Jared and Jamie went. This entails walking through the desert and almost dying. She is found by her uncle practically dead but he helps her even though he sees her eyes have the glow from the alien. She is taken to their hiding place and she finds Jared, who seeing her eyes is pretty much disgusted by her but wont kill her. She is help pretty much a prisoner for days until Melanie's uncle decides to take her around. The other humans start to be accepting of Wanderer and even start calling her Wanda. Jamie finds her and soon realizes that Melanie is indeed still there.

This story was so well written I still can't get over it. It was mature writing so some younger teens may not want to read it but it is so worth the read. This story I'd have to say was so much better than the Twilight saga. I did buy this book because the movie was coming out and my best friend told me it was amazing and I'd have to say she was correct. Once I started I couldn't put it down, the story grabbed me right from the start. All the characters were great and I really enjoyed the relationship between Wanderer and Melanie, it was probably the best relationship. I loved how Jamie pretty much figured out what was going on. I really got annoyed by how rude Jared was but I can totally understand that this was his love and someone else has taken her body, but I knew Melanie was alive inside and I just really wanted him to know she was there. Ian was a great character too and you cant help but love how his beliefs get changed by just getting to know Wanderer. Wanderer or Wanda was awesome and the fact that she was this great alien to all the others and ended up falling in love with the humans in the resistance was awesome! This story didn't make the romance a big thing either, it was mainly Wanderer dealing with being a human and having Melanie talking to her in her head.

I don't want to write more because I am afraid I might give some things away but I highly recommend this book. It is completely different than Twilight and I'd have to say was wayy better written. Pick this book up you will not be disappointed!

Chosen at Nightfall by C.C. Hunter

I am going to start by saying this series was one of my top 5 favorite series and to see Kylie's story end made me pretty sad but that didn't last long once I began reading the story. We pick up a little after Whispers at Moonrise, Kylie is at the chameleon camp and she is missing Shadow Falls. Kylie has learned to control her patterns some and has learned to become invisible. What an awesome thing to be able to do! Everything is normal at the chameleon camp when guess who shows up? Burnett and Derek show up looking for Kylie and she decides to head back to Shadow Falls! Yay :) During the story Kylie has to deal with the impending fight with the mean old Mario, her feelings between the two hotties Derek and Lucas and a few surprises along the way. Oh did I mention another ghost who wont give up on her! I wont say the surprises but we do get a new camper! Kylie is still mad at Lucas for the whole engagement to the other werewolf even though he begs her to forgive every time he has a chance to. Derek tries to get her to try their relationship again too. Della comes back with a secret of her own. Oh and a huge awesome surprise awaits Holiday and Burnett who happen to be planning their wedding throughout this story. This ghost that Kylie deals with is very persistent with Kylie and Holiday and Burnett want her to get rid of it. Kylie being the nice girl that she is decides against it and ends up getting some fighting help from her.

This story was amazing, even though I was sad when I first got it that it would be ending I couldn't wait to see what would happen. Everything I wanted to happen happened! :) The writing of this story was absolutely incredible and there were some amazing twists to the story that made it that much better. The characters have all really grown and have learned to deal with everything very well. Burnett was awesome in this book especially with showing how much he cared for not only Holiday but Kylie as well. Miranda and Della were great and very helpful with everything that was happening with Kylie. Kylie's transformation was probably my favorite. She was very independent and self sacrificing. She understood what had to be done and took the precautions to make sure she would be okay in the end.

This series has put me through ups and downs but that's what a good series should do. I feel like I got to know these characters well and was along for the ride. I would recommend this series to everyone I can and I will! If you have read the first 4 then you need to read this one, you def wont be disappointed!