Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I just finished this book and let me tell you it was amazing! It was entertaining right from the beginning! I couldn't put it down at all. So pretty much the story is about a 16 year old girl named Cassie who is currently on her own. She had parents and a little brother, a high school crush and cell phone, then one day the aliens came (well technically their mother ship was the only thing the humans got to see) and they ruined everything. These catastrophes that devastate the human population happen in waves and in the story we are finding out about the 5th wave. There aren't any signs for the humans and they don't really know what these aliens actually look like. By the time the story takes place Cassie is trying to keep her promise to her baby brother, Sammy, to come find him. He is taken away by soldiers with a bunch of other kids to head to a refugee camp. Well when the buses with the kids leave everything goes crazy and it leaves Cassie on her own. She is left with two guns and her brother's teddy bear. She heads off towards the camp where they were headed when she meets Evan Walker who wants to help her. While we get this story of Cassie we also get to see the POV of a boy at this refugee camp.
I just have to say that The plot was amazing and gripping. I kept wanting to read more and see what would happen next! I loved that you don't get this flat out hint about what is actually going on! There was a great amount of action and romance, more action than romance but not too bad. The characters were very believable especially with the circumstances that they are in. Cassie is such a strong girl and I kind of wish I was more like her. She is very driven and wants to keep her promise to her little brother. She isn't very trusting of anyone and I can't blame her, you don't exactly know how to distinguish the humans from the aliens and then even some of the humans have gone wacko. When she meets Evan no matter what she isn't very trusting with him and she even flat out tells him that. The other characters you meet in this story are also very strong and tough for what they are going through. They are very human about what is going on with them and what else can you expect. Some will be too trusting of others and some wont trust anyone.
The writing was great and very easy to follow. Like I said I was entertained from the beginning, it's a very gripping story and I cant wait to see what happens next! If you like post-apocalyptic novels then you need to read this one!