Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rift by Andrea Cremer

I just finished reading Rift by Andrea Cremer and it was amazing! I am one for a huge love story but this book didn't have one nor need one! There was love in it and it was adorable but that isn't what this story is about at all. Ember's life is already prepared for her by her father but that isn't what she wants at all. She doesn't want to be stuck inside as someone's wife, she wants to be out in the world fighting. Her best friend since she was younger, Alistair, comes back from being a guard for Conatus to bring back Ember to join these elite guards. Along with Alistair is the ever handsome Barrow who is a little intimidating which proves very necessary to bring Ember back thanks to her lovely (sarcasm) father. After Barrow defeats a few of Ember's father's knights Ember and her family travel to Tearmunn where the Conatus stronghold is located. There she is put through a trail to see what she is suited for and finds out that magic and superstition aren't just stories but real. She survives her trial of course and is then taken to the barracks where she will stay and then to see who her mentor will be. During this ceremony her father interrupts right before a female warrior was about to choose her. As soon as he dad comes in Barrow says he will be her mentor and things take off.
The book also switches between what is going on with Ember and the "weird sisters" Eira and Cian. Eira and Cian are part of the circle which are pretty much the leaders and Eira wants nothing more than to have more women involved in the guard but thinks to the times it is looked down upon. It is this intent that Eira meets and gets help from a baddie we meet in the Nightshade series! :D I don't want to say much more because I really don't want to give more away than I might have already but there is quite a bit of action too! There is a little misunderstanding of feelings that affects Ember. Barrow is an awesome instructor and is very caring of Ember and how she is doing! One of my favorite parts is when Ember is in the infirmary and Barrow is there. I don't want to ruin this part for you because like I said it's my favorite part and might be yours too when you read it. Like I said the romance takes a back seat to the main story of Ember becoming a member of the guard and it is done very well with enough hints of romance that you don't really miss it! The writing is incredible and the world Andrea Cremer has made is absolutely amazing! I loved her nightshade series and this prequel series isn't any less amazing! Go out and buy this first prequel book because you won't regret it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowan

I just purchased Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowan today and I already finished it! I've been wanting to read this book for a long time but always put it off because of its size. I just figured it was too small of a book but now that I've read it I am so happy I changed my mind today! The storyline was just amazing! Angels and Demons working together? Talk about an awesome concept! The angels and demons in this story work together, like I said earlier, but they do so in a way that you still get that animosity in the group! The main character Sam was a thrill. I loved how she handled everything. She was freaked out but who wouldn't be after what happened to her, she gained the courage to get answers of her own. There were some things she did that I was just like yeah I'd never do that in a million years but she did them and did well with what came her way. The romance was great! There wasn't a lot of romance as the basis of the story but I enjoyed it. The romance was in there just enough to make you want more and read on. The two characters Sam and Bishop struggle with their feelings and it gets even more crazy in the end but they handle things pretty well considering the circumstances. The plot was great and there were sone pretty great surprises with the characters and the storyline. There was a good amount of action, not much though. I would totally definitely recommend this book to anyone loving a good angel story.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


So I had to send my precious Kindle Fire away for a bit because it has been acting up. Best Buy has to send it to Amazon and they will send me a refurbished one :/ I have no clue what to do with my life right now because I had a million books that I was in the process of reading on there and I wont get it until probably Monday and that's just too long! I want it back now! I'm seriously dealing with reading withdrawals. How bad is that? Last year according to I read 110 books. I'm going for 150-200 this year and so far that is at a stand still because of this sad ordeal. I mean I have my nook but I've read all the books on there and the book I want to buy on it Shadows in the Silence by Courtney Allison Moulton doesn't come out until Tuesday! I guess I should use this time wisely and start working on writing my story.

Much Love,