Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Long Time No Post

Man it has been almost a year since my last post! All I can say is I apologize for my absence. This past year has been really crazy, I welcomed my first niece into the world last year and I have been working super hard on graduating from college. I actually graduate in August! The fall and spring semesters were packed with nothing but History and English classes and each semester I took 15 hours which is 5 classes. I'm officially in my last ever class of my college career so I am now able to actually concentrate on what I love most and that is reading! I seriously have only been able to read a few books here and there because I had to read so many books for my English classes. The books we had to read for class were interesting and fun but they weren't the types of books I like to read for fun. I'll also be able to get back to writing as well! My major is in creative writing so you would think that I still was able to work on my story but alas I wasn't. My last professor actually hated anything that wasn't realistic so I had to focus on writing stories about real life. I do enjoy reading stories about real life but it's not my cup of tea. Then the amount of essays I actually had to write as well didn't allow me the time to write for fun either! I am back now and have more free time! I am going to make a list of the few books I have read so I can write reviews on them as soon as I can write them up! Keep your eyes out for new posts!